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Custom Greetings Cards

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Sending Greetings Cards is a great way to stay in touch with friends & family, but sending Custom Cards with your very own Pet on the front? Now that's a bit special...

Because all of my illustrations are hand-painted to begin with, not only will you receive a lovely pack of cards, but I also send the original artwork too. The price of the portrait is included in the total cost, but to make the pricing easy to understand, at the bottom of this page I've listed how I calculate the price for each option. 


How it Works...

- After you've placed your order, simply DM or email over some photos you feel show your Pet at their best. Here's a link to my Image Guide to help you choose.

- Once we've decided on the main reference image that I'll be working from, the hand-painted portrait will be finished within 2-3 working days. I'll show you the results and can make any tweaks so you're completely happy with the final illustration!

- Now it's time to scan and edit the Card design. I have a wide range of existing Birthday and Christmas details that I can add, or if you're wanting Custom Details and can describe/send photos of whatever it is you're after, that's great too. I'll use photoshop to create the design, and once you've approved everything, it can go to print!

- After they've been printed and packaged, your set of Custom Greetings Cards will arrive at your door within a couple of days. Turnaround for this Commission Package is just 5-7 working days, but we recommend getting your Christmas orders in early to avoid seasonal delays.


Simple A6 Portrait - £20 

Detailed A5 Portrait - £50

20 A6 Cards - £35 (£1.75 each)

40 A6 Cards - £60 (£1.50 each)

Digital Design Fee - £10 has been added to each package to cover the scanning, editing and designing of your card