Here are a selection of the most common things I get asked, if you can't find an answer to what you were looking for please drop me an email at petportraitillustration@gmail.com 

For more a more in depth guide to the process, take a look at my blog post 'How to Commission a Pet Portrait'

Q. How do I start a Commission?

A. If you're uncertain about anything at all, whether it's your images, the process, or which Portrait Style would most suit your Pet, the best way to start a Commission is always with an enquiry email. From there I can offer individual guidance based on your requests and needs. If you're confident about which type of Pet Portrait Illustration you'd like, simply go ahead and order and I'll be in touch very shortly!


Q. How much is a Portrait?

A. Prices start from £10 and go up to £280 - so it totally depends on what you're after! the easiest way to find out how much the kind of Portrait you want costs is by going to the 'Bespoke Commissions' section of our Shop. Here you'll be able to see examples of each package and read about the processes involved. Factors which affect price are Size, Level of Detail, How many Pets you want and the Type of Background.


Q. How long does a Commission take?

A. On average, a Portrait takes between 1-2 weeks from me approving your images to the finished piece arriving at your door. If you have a specific deadline please let me know beforehand, I always try and accommodate Portraits for gifts/special occasions if I can!


Q. Can I get more than one Pet in the same Portrait?

A. Yes! Although this depends on the Size of the Portrait you want. I only list quantity options for sizes I already have examples of, but if you wanted a certain number of Pets on a certain size background, I can provide custom quotes.


Q. What's the difference between a Commission and a Print?

A. A Commission is a Bespoke Hand-painted Portrait and a Print is an existing illustration which I have scanned, edited and printed digitally in bulk on an archival wax printer. Whilst it's completely possible to get reproductions of your original Bespoke Portrait made, I cannot make Prints without you having purchased one of my Commission Packages first. 


Q. I'd like a memorial Portrait, but don't have many photos... is there any way around this?

A. I completely understand it's not always possible to get more photos, which is why Memorial Portraits are such a nice thing to have. In most cases I am able to work from a couple of different pictures to get an accurate likeness, but if this is a worry please do email me for a free image consultation before you place your order!