NEW! Our Custom Paw Print Treat Jars have landed!

They've been a good while in the making, but I'm so happy to say that we've finally perfected our Custom Paw Print Treat Jars and Gift Vouchers!

My Dad is an engineer, and when he bought a laser engraver for work, I had an idea. I'd seen treat jars online that were personalised with names, or photos, but to have an engraving of your Pet's ACTUAL paw print? I knew we had to make it happen...

All we need to create your Pet's Custom Treat Jar is a photo or a scan of their inkless paw print. Our easy to use kits are sent out to you in the post, they literally take less than 5 minutes and this allows us to create a unique engraving on the lid. 

Treat time is a great way to make memories with your Pet, so not only are they a beautiful, clean and easy way to store and give treats, the jars themselves will be something to treasure forever. 

I know I'm the one selling the product, but honestly, I love Elvis's jar so so much. It reminds me of muddy footprints in the bathtub when he wants a drink, the way he kneads his paws into you when he's getting comfy, and now, the knack he's developed for getting a dozen Dreamies out of the jar with just one scoop. I look at it and I see a little piece of him, and it fills my heart.

As these would make such wonderful gifts, we've created Treat Jar Gift Vouchers for special occasions. 


Here are some of our Happy Customers!


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